Presentation of the Maison Théâtre

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A theatre for young people of all ages

Since 1984, the Maison Théâtre has been the primary venue for young people’s theatre in Montreal. Located downtown, in the Quartier des spectacles (entertainment district), it offers a rich and varied program each season, consisting of around fifteen shows for different age groups. It welcomes young people from twelve months to seventeen years old, along with their families, and many school and preschool groups. Its performance space is specially designed for the needs of children and teens.

In addition to the high quality of the works it presents—among the most significant in contemporary theatre from here and elsewhere—the Maison Théâtre is a leading figure in audience outreach and cultural mediation. Recognized for its approach inspired by philosophy for children and teens, it offers its audiences a wide range of activities, workshops and tools to enhance the artistic experience.

 A vibrant, animated and welcoming place, the Maison Théâtre is a true space of discovery, a meeting-place for works, artists and spectators across the generations. Deeply committed to an approach based on openness and accessibility, it initiates and implements various programs and projects, rooted in the community and providing access to the performing arts to an audience from all socio-cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

The Maison Théâtre is an association of thirty professional theatre companies, established throughout Quebec. It actively participates in the development and dissemination of theatre for children and young people around the world.

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