Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern all ticket reservations made through the Maison Théâtre online ticketing service. Anyone who makes a booking via the Maison Théâtre online ticketing service is presumed to have freely accepted these conditions.

1. You must check the choice of show and date carefully BEFORE booking. You must ensure that children attending the performance are of the recommended minimum age. The Maison Théâtre reserves the right to refuse access to the theatre to children under the recommended minimum age. NO REFUNDS OR CANCELLATIONS are possible once a booking has been made. In the event of a cancelled performance for which no new performance has been scheduled, the ticket may be refunded in accordance with the terms and conditions indicated by the management.

2. Internet sales are by credit card only. Clearly indicate your name as it appears on the credit card. You must use a valid credit card: Visa or Mastercard. Only these cards are accepted.

3. Only the discounts indicated on the form are available through this method of purchase. For all other rates, you must contact the Maison Théâtre box office at 514 288-7211, extension 1.

4. All purchases are subject to the approval of the Maison Théâtre and the financial institutions issuing the accepted credit cards.

5. In the event of a discrepancy between the information confirmed at the time of a reservation made through the box office and the information recorded by the Maison Théâtre’s central ticketing system, the information deemed accurate and treated as such will be that recorded by the Maison Théâtre’s central ticketing system.

6. The Maison Théâtre declines all responsibility in case of impossibility to carry out a reservation or a transaction due to a breakdown, an error of the computer system, the Internet network, or another ticketing network.

7. The service fee is included in the ticket price, but taxes are extra.

Refund Policy – COVID-19

1. Any person holding a ticket for a performance cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be entitled to a refund or a gift certificate without service charge.

2. Any person who must cancel one or more ticket(s) for a performance due to COVID-19 infection may be reimbursed or receive a gift certificate at no service charge, provided they notify the Maison Théâtre box office before the scheduled performance.

3. Any person presenting one or more symptom(s) related to COVID-19 and who is therefore not allowed to attend the theatre may be reimbursed or receive a gift certificate without service charge, provided that the Maison Théâtre box office is notified before the scheduled performance.

4. Any person denied access to a performance due to symptoms related to COVID-19 may be reimbursed or receive a gift certificate at no service charge.

Privacy and Information Security Policy

For the purposes of this Policy, the expression “personal information” means all information relating to an individual and which allows him to be identified, such as his first and last name, civic address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.

It is on a voluntary basis that you provide us with your personal information whether it is via our online ticket office, by telephone or on social networks (each time you make a reservation and buy a ticket for a show, participate in a contest, react on our social networks, complete a survey or make a donation) or via our newsletter subscription form. Electronic information is also sent to us by your computer when you visit our website.

All this collected personal information is kept and used in accordance with the current laws. Here are the main uses of your personal information at the Maison Théâtre:

  • To confirm your identity when booking or purchasing tickets and to send you the tickets, if applicable;
  • To respond to your information requests and update your customer or client file;
  • For statistical marketing, market analysis and survey purposes;
  • To target your habits, needs and interests, and inform you of shows, benefits, events and packages that may be of interest to you;
  • For any other purposes permitted or required by law.

Your online purchases are secure at the Maison Théâtre. The information concerning you, as well as that concerning your credit card, is sent in the form of an electronic message that has been encrypted to guarantee the confidentiality of the information contained therein. Consequently, this message cannot be intercepted, altered or decoded by an intermediary. The Maison Théâtre respects SSL secure transmission standards, which means that your transaction will always be securely sent.

The Maison Théâtre does not keep any computer data of any transaction concerning credit card information. This is why you must submit your credit card information again with each new transaction.

You can at any time obtain the personal information that we hold about you to consult it, modify it or require that we delete it. If you receive our newsletters, you can always unsubscribe by using the unsubscribe link. If you have any questions about the respect of your personal information, do not hesitate to contact the following person:

Pierre-François Mion
514 288-7211, ext. 308

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